Invest in What Works

The LiveStories platform was built to help the public sector make better use of its data, help shape the decision-making process, and engage constituents more effectively through data storytelling. To that end, we offer What Works Cities an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to get insights from data, create charts and maps, and publish data as stories, dashboards, or through a dedicated open data portal. With LiveStories you can go from data to decision in no time and make sure you are investing in what works.


Measure Progress

Quickly analyze data in detail and measure your progress.

With easy access to your data you can quickly analyze your progress, explore your data in detail, and share new insights with your colleagues. Create a dashboard of your most important charts and maps or build a full-fledged story rich with images, text, and videos. Once new data is available, simply upload your data and watch as dashboards and stories are updated automatically. Save time on the creation and updating of reports and dashboards with LiveStories. 


Inform Decisions and Take Action

Inform your decision-making.

Create engaging data stories to inspire action. 

Our integrated story builder makes it easy to present engaging data stories to internal and external stakeholders and ensure you are all on the same page. Data, collaboration, and communication is at the core of the LiveStories platform and when you combine those elements, you can bring entire departments and communities together and ensure everyone are working towards the same goal.


Make Residents' Lives Better

Use LiveStories to compare data on topics such as health, education, demographics, crime, and get a holistic view of your community. With all your data in one place, you can get a unique perspective of the people behind the numbers and how you can improve their lives. Our detailed maps can even help you present your data down to local levels such as street, neighborhood, zip code, census tract, city, and county. Maps help make your data more relatable and helps engage the public more effectively. 


Engage Your Community With Stories

  "The LiveStories platform helps us tell the full story   around the data and engage a wider audience.” — Mary Lazzeri, Defense Digital Services

"The LiveStories platform helps us tell the full story around the data and engage a wider audience.”
Mary Lazzeri, Defense Digital Services

In order to communicate data about your community we recommend using storytelling. Data storytelling is communicates data and the surrounding context more effectively to the audiences that need to know. That's why data storytelling is an integrated part of the LiveStories platform and open data portal solution. 

See an example of data storytelling within an open data portal at — The open data portal launched by the Department of Defense in collaboration with LiveStories.


Considering Launching an Open Data Portal?

LiveStories offers an open data portal solution that is perfect for What Works Cities. Unlike other providers, our open data portal is affordable, offers no limit to the number of data sets used, is simple to navigate (even for data novices), and can be deployed in a matter of days.

We are so confident you will like our solution that we offer What Works Cities a 30-day free trial of your own personalized open data portal containing your data, so you can see exactly what it will look like before you buy. 

or learn more about our open data portal solution here 


A Suite of User-Friendly Data Apps

The LiveStories platform offers a full suite of helpful apps that can help you make better use of your data. 










Open Data

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We Are a Mission-Driven Company

As a mission-driven company focused on the public sector, we are aligned with your mission of building healthier, safer, and better communities. We exist to help you and your community become better through the use of data and this is why we listen closely to your needs, wishes, and challenges. Our platform was built based on feedback from our partners to ensure we offer a service that fits the needs of the public sector. This is the reason we are trusted by city, county, state, and federal agencies of all sizes.