The Art and Science of Data Storytelling

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Data is often critical to understanding issues, decisions, and goals. But it’s difficult to tell a story with a spreadsheet.   

This session will cover the science behind storytelling, steps to create an engaging story, and best practices for incorporating civic data.

The webinar covers:

  • The science of stories

  • Story arcs and how they apply to public service

  • Best practices for developing a data story

  • Real-life examples of stories with data


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Meet the Presenter


Adnan Mahmud


Adnan Mahmud is founder and CEO of LiveStories, which provides an online platform with civic data library for non-technical users to analyze data and communicate insights. Prior to founding to LiveStories, Adnan worked for over 8 years at Microsoft, where he managed their largest data pipelines and received multiple patents in data analysis and visualization. In addition, Adnan is co-founder of Jolkona, a non-profit that provides mentorship and training for social entrepreneurs. Adnan is passionate about using data and technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.



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