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Mastering Your State’s Demographics Data

Demographics data is critical to understanding how change affects our local communities and provides citizens, businesses, and public agencies with the insights they need to make important decisions about where they live and work.


Health Data Sourcing Insights Webinar

Our goal with this webinar is to empower health professionals with the skills they need to access, analyze, and use state and national-level health data sources. LiveStories is an expert at sourcing health data around the country, providing our clients with accurate & actionable data insights.


On-Demand Recordings


Charting Is a Witch, But Doesn’t Have to Be: Making Charts Work for You.

Our clients rely on us to help them select just the right charts and data visualizations to create maximum impact. This is one of the reasons local government agencies rely on LiveStories for their data & reporting needs.


Unleashing the Power of Demographics Data in Reports. Top 5 Tips + Tricks from LiveStories

Demographic data is critical to understanding how change affects our local communities, providing citizens, businesses, and public agencies with the insights they need to make important decisions about where they live and work.


Got Data Doubt? How to Handle Gaps in Your Data

Uncertainty in data is certainly unsettling. From margins of error to data suppression, much of the important data we work with comes with limits about what it can tell us. Join us as we go over common complaints related to working with local agency data.


WONDERing About Your Community’s Health? Utilizing the Power of CDC Data

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (WONDER) data set is a massive database that compiles detailed mortality data from every county and state in America.


Fighting Disease with Data: Combating Opioid Addiction in Your Community

Opioids continue to be a threat to communities across the United States and LiveStories is no stranger to utilizing data to combat the crisis.


The A-B-C’s of the ACS. Unleashing the Power of the American Community Survey

Every year the U.S. Census Bureau releases new information about communities across the country—and making sense of all this data can be a daunting task. With hundreds of topics covering every city, county, and census tract in the United States, finding what you need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Show Your Data Some Love! 5 Data Visualization Mistakes to Avoid

Data can be tough to work with, we get that—but everyone enjoys a good story. Let our data experts walk you through the most common ways people fail when communicating data.


How Much Time Did You Waste on Reporting in 2018?

It’s 2019. Your reports shouldn’t take more than a few hours to create. In the time it takes to clean, format, and visualize your data, you could be doing something more important. Let us help.


Creating Order from Chaos: Organizing Large Data Sets into a Coherent Story

Trying to communicate multiple datasets in one story can be chaotic. In this webinar you will learn how to categorize large datasets so you aren’t living in chaos.


Scary Reporting Projects: Fighting the Data Demon

Data can be scary. It’s difficult to find ways to understand and access lengthy and seemingly complicated datasets. With data holding valuable insights you are feeling the pressure to develop better strategies.


Why No One Reads Your Report & How to Fix It

During this webinar, you will learn how to increase the visibility of your reports and keep your audience engaged. In this webinar we discuss how to hook your audience, online tools to increase reach.


Fighting the Flu with Fresh Data

Public health professionals will attest their struggle to prevent the spread of the influenza virus.  Learn how the Springfield-Greene County Health Department is making a greater impact with their flu report. 


County Health Confronts the Opioid Epidemic

County health professionals from the Shelby County, Tennessee and Marin County, California will share information on their programs targeted at stemming the epidemic in their communities. 


The Art and Science of Data Storytelling

Data is difficult to communicate in a spreadsheet. This webinar will cover the science behind stories, steps to create an engaging story, and best practices for incorporating civic data.


Fighting the Opioid Epidemic Across America

Public health professionals from Massachuetts and California will discuss their initiatives to fight the opioid epidemic in their communities.


Healthy Food Programs: From Arizona to Alaska

Discussion with Maricopa County Department of Public Health in Arizona and the HOPE Coalition in Sitka, Alaska.


Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

Public health panelists from Summit County, Ohio and
Los Angeles County, California


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