Learn to Manage This Change Instead of Fearing It


These changes occurring have significant impact on a community’s resources, affecting outcomes on everything from health and public safety to economic development and infrastructure needs.

Whether you’ve put off integrating data analytics into the decision-making process out of fear of the unknown, or due to resource constraint — we’re a bridge to understand and work with data.



Households in the U.S.

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Opioid Deaths in 2017

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Businesses in the U.S.

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Homicide Deaths in 2017



LiveStories Reports and Data Catalog

LiveStories is documenting this change by building the most comprehensive civic reports and data catalog in America — an accurate and trusted foundation for helping community leaders and organizations manage change throughout their communities. Our catalog provides access to clean data, and interactive reports that deliver impactful insights for decision making.



LiveStories is a Trusted Partner

Communities across American rely on LiveStories to help them deliver transparent, accountable, and actionable data insight. Whether it’s a weekly flu report, Community Health Assessment or a Comprehensive Economic Development Study, we have the data and experience you need.



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