U.S. Car Accident Death Statistics

Car Accident Deaths Mortality
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Auto accidents involving cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States. While the death rate has improved since its height in the previous century, it is still significantly higher than other developed countries, according to the CDC

Car Accident Facts

• 1 in 3 crash deaths in the United States involve drunk driving.

• Nearly 1 in 3 crash deaths involve speeding. 

• In addition to fatalities, more than 2 million people per year are injured in auto accidents.

How do accident fatalities differ by state?

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How do car accident statistics vary by sex?

How do accident fatalities vary by race?

How do car accident statistics vary by age? 

About the Data

Mortality data in this story is from CDC Wonder, queried with the following ICD-10 codes for underlying cause of death: V02-V04, V09.0, V09.2, V12-V14, V19.0-V19.2, V19.4-V19.6, V20-V79, V80.3-V80.5, V81.0-V81.1, V82.0-V82.1, V83-V86, V87.0-V87.8, V88.0-V88.8, V89.0, V89.2.