Collin County Veterans Demographics and Statistics

Collin County
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The American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, publishes detailed estimates on the veteran population each year. Unlike the Census—which is an exact count of people and households every ten years—ACS statistics are estimated based on a representative survey sample. ACS data typically only counts veterans no longer in active service—in other words, people who are currently civilians. 

For locations with populations under 60,000, the ACS is only available in 5-year estimates, rather than single-year periods. The 5-year estimates provide greater geographical granularity but a less granular time period.

When did veterans in Collin County, Texas serve in the military?

Periods between major conflicts have been excluded from this chart. Use the time-slider to view data from different 5-year estimates.

How does median income compare for Collin County veterans and nonveterans?

On a national level, veterans' median income was nearly 40% higher than nonveterans' in 2016. To see data from different years, use the time-slider beneath the chart. 

How many Collin County veterans have service-connected disabilities?

The department of Veterans Affairs (VA) assigns ratings to disabilities that veterans received during their service, or for existing health issues that worsened because of their service. The ratings are assigned as a percentage scale, with higher percentages corresponding to more severe disabilities. 

The top chart shows the populations of veterans with, and without, service-connected disabilities in Collin County, Texas. The bottom chart shows how the former population has changed over time, broken down by the severity ratings of those disabilities.