Florida Municipio Median Household Income

Florida Municipio
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Household income—not to be confused with an individual's income—is defined by the Census Bureau as the sum of income generated by all the people over 15 years old who occupy a housing unit, such as a house or an apartment. A family is a type of household. A person living alone in a housing unit is also a household. In addition, households may be composed of unrelated people living together, like partners or roommates.

Every year, the Census Bureau contacts over 3.5 million households across the country to participate in the American Community Survey (ACS). For locations with populations under 60,000, the ACS is only available in 5-year estimates, rather than single-year periods. The 5-year estimates provide greater geographical granularity but a less granular time period.

How does median household income of Florida Municipio compare to Puerto Rico and the United States?

How does household income vary within Florida Municipio, Puerto Rico?

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How does household income vary by household size in Florida Municipio, Puerto Rico?

How does household income vary by the householder's age in Florida Municipio, Puerto Rico? 

A householder is a person in whose name a housing unit is owned, being bought, or rented.

How does household income relate to home ownership in Florida Municipio, Puerto Rico?

Tenure refers to whether a housing unit is owner-occupied or renter-occupied.