Caroline County Payroll Statistics

Caroline County
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Total U.S. payroll, 2016:

$6.435 trillion

—Census Bureau, County Business Patterns

The County Business Patterns (CBP), released annually by the U.S. Census Bureau, provides detailed economic data on employment, payroll, and business establishments. 

Payroll includes all forms of compensation, including salaries, wages, commissions, dismissal pay, bonuses, vacation allowances, sick-leave pay, and employee contributions to qualified pension plans. Payroll is reported before deductions for social security, income tax, insurance, union dues, etc.

How is payroll distributed among industry sectors in Caroline County, Maryland?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) divides up businesses and other establishments into industry sectors. The chart above shows the amount of payroll in Caroline County, Maryland, for each major sector.

While NAICS does include the public sector, CBP data excludes most government establishments—with the exceptions of wholesale liquor establishments (NAICS 4248), retail liquor stores (NAICS 44531), federally-chartered savings institutions (NAICS 522120), federally-chartered credit unions (NAICS 522130), and hospitals (NAICS 622).