When Immigrants Arrived

When Immigrants Arrived
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When did the foreign-born population enter the United States?

As of 2018, the period of entry for foreign-born residents breaks down as follows.

2010 or later:

2000 to 2009:

1990 to 1999:

1989 or earlier:

Which states have more recently-arrived immigrants among their foreign-born populations?

Which states have more established immigrants among their foreign-born populations? 

About the Data

Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS), Table B05007. National figures use 1-year estimates while state figures use 5-year estimates; this is because several states with small populations of foreign-born have insufficient sample sizes for the ACS to report 1-year estimates. Note that 5-year estimates will naturally include fewer immigrants from the "2010 or later" period than the more current 1-year estimates. LiveStories calculated the percentages shown here.

See the data at state level: