Colorado Gun Violence

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The data in this report includes all deaths classified by the CDC with firearms as the "mechanism." It includes all intents—both homicides and suicides. Despite much of the national focus on homicide gun deaths, roughly two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths are suicides. 

How does gun violence vary by sex in Colorado?

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How do victims of gun violence differ by race in Colorado?

How does gun violence vary by intent in Colorado?

When analyzing gun-related deaths, it's important to keep in mind that mortality statistics can also be broken down by intent. The landscape of gun-related homicides looks very different from gun-related suicides. In some cases, states with extremely high rates of gun-related suicide have low rates of gun-related homicides.

About the Data

Mortality data in this story was queried from the CDC Wonder API, based on the following parameters:

• Data reported as Underlying Cause of Death, ICD-10 codes: W32-W34, X72-X74, X93-X95, Y22-Y24, Y35.0.