If you work in epidemiology, it's your responsibility to track population health and flag any warning signs.
You are the source of information for other departments and community partners. Chances are, you get a lot of requests for data. Here is how LiveStories can help you stay ahead of the game. 

It really has revolutionized how we show our data in our community.
— Rochelle Ereman, Community Epidemiology Program Director, Marin County Department of Health and Human Services

Immediate Insights

Our user-friendly platform helps you get insights from data quickly, make comparisons, and explore outliers. 



Automatic Charts and Maps

When you upload your data, LiveStories suggests charts and maps "automagically." Quickly customize them to your liking. 


Share Data Fast

Respond to data requests in a flash. Send direct links to data sets or charts, or allow collaborators to explore your data on their own. 


Maintain Data Integrity

Ensure everyone is using the right data. Control who can edit, upload, and update data, and who can only view and explore data. 


Collaborate on Stories

Collaborate with communicators, data experts, and knowledge experts on creating engaging and impactful data stories.

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Update Reports in Minutes

When you update a dataset on LiveStories, all charts, maps, and reports based on the data update too—no version control needed.


Case Study:  Marin County Department of Health and Human Services

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