As a city manager, you have a lot of moving parts to track. With LiveStories, you can easily set up dashboards and automatic reports that provide insights about your city. Our platform helps break down silos between departments, so everyone can access, share, and collaborate around data. 

Benefits of the LiveStories Platform


Immediate Insights

Our user-friendly platform helps you get insights from data quickly, make comparisons, and explore outliers.


Automatic Charts and Maps

When you upload your data, LiveStories suggests charts and maps "automagically." Quickly customize them to your liking. 


City Benchmarks

Compare your city to other U.S. cities of similar size and discover best practices you can apply to your community. 


Easy Data Sharing

Make sure everyone is on the same page. With all your data in one place, teams can access, explore, share, and discuss data.  

Update data quickly.png

Updates in Minutes

Reports and dashboards can be updated in as little as 3 minutes, so you can be sure you're always working with the latest version. 


Open Data Portal

Publish your data and stories for the public with our affordable and user-friendly
open data portal solution. 


Some of the Cities Using LiveStories:


City of Melbourne: Service Request Dashboard

The City of Melbourne uses LiveStories to show statistics on the service requests they receive. The data is updated on a daily basis and directly integrated with their open data portal. The dashboard does more than make data transparent to the public—it helps guide vital decision-making and resource allocation. 


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