Data that serves you in serving your community. 

Police and fire departments work together with governments, businesses, journalists, and residents to keep communities safe and informed. On LiveStories, your data works together too. Explore how crime and fire rates connect to other local data points, and get vital information into the hands of stakeholders and citizens—all on one software solution.   |   HOW IT WORKS →

LiveStories: Data Analysts

Data Analysts 

  • Get the data you need, fast. Upload datasets easily to our software—or search for local data about your community on our library.

  • Chart data in seconds. Toggle instantly between bar charts, trend lines, maps, and other intuitive visualizations.

  • Get the big picture. Explore hundreds of indicators in our library and see how local crime rates connect to other community challenges.

LiveStories: Public Information Officers

Public Information Officers

  • Collaborate across departments. Share data, coordinate messaging, and make revisions with colleagues, without leaving LiveStories.

  • Keep up-to-date. Whenever you update data on LiveStories, all the charts, maps, and stories based on that data update automatically.

  • Connect with your community. Show residents and journalists the context behind crime data with interactive charts and webpages.

LiveStories: Police and Fire Chiefs

Police and Fire Chiefs

  • Get the bird's eye view. Keep an eye on all your department's data in one place, so you can allocate resources where they matter most.

  • Benchmark your department. Compare your community's data to similar cities and counties, along with state and national metrics.

  • Track progress. Create dashboards to analyze your data and show changes over time.


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