Data Story Templates

Get started quickly with templates for health topics that can be updated weekly, monthly, or annually. Update the charts with your data from our data library, your files, or Google sheets. Then edit the template copy and calls-to-action (CTA) to reflect your department information.


Weekly and Monthly Data Reports

Flu Report Template

Educate your community how to avoid the flu and explain the benefits of vaccination. Then show data for reported cases of flu and hospitalizations.  

Our public understands the flu better because of LiveStories. The ease of creating something visually interesting that we could link to other places—just that functionality was fantastic.
— Kathryn, Public Health Information Administrator,
Springfield-Greene County Health Department

Opioid Response Dashboard

Consolidate reporting for coordinated responses to the crisis. Data may include overdoses, 911 dispatches, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The dashboard tells the story locally of what the opioid situation is in their community. We are going to use LiveStories and our data as tools to build momentum and also for when we apply for federal, state, or local funding.
— Derek F., Chief Health Officer, Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA)

Animal Bites and Rabies Dashboard

Help your community understand the dangers of animal bites and rabies. Share your data for animal bites as well as cases of human rabies and animal rabies.

Hepatitis Report

Provide helpful information on how to avoid the diseases and what to do if you get them. Then report hepatitis A, B, and C cases in your community.

Lyme Disease and Other Vectorborne Illnesses Dashboard

Track outbreaks of Lyme disease and other vectorborne illnesses on a weekly basis. Include tips and safety measures your community can use to prevent these diseases from spreading. 

Annual Reports

Community Needs Assessment (CHA) Summary Microsite

Save time gathering your community data for ACS and CDC Wonder by using our data library. Then share interactive digital versions of assessments like the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). 

The easy-to-use templates and graph suggestions helped us create consistent and clean website resources.
— Natalie R., Program Manager, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

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