A community health assessment (CHA) is a broad survey of your community's demographics and health status. CHAs and similar documents draw from such data sources as the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and health data supplied by local state or county officials. 

A CHA helps local officials develop the best strategies to serve the unique needs of their community. Communicating these findings and strategies back to the community is also a vital part of the process. For most hospitals and local health departments, CHAs must be conducted every five years to satisfy regulatory requirements introduced by the Affordable Care Act.  

LiveStories has much of the data you'll need to create these reports. You can also use our platform to upload local data, create customizable charts, and publish them on webpages. 

Get a CHA data preview for your county.

LiveStories helps you distill insights from your CHA for your community and stakeholders.

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Screenshots from the LiveStories CHA Microsite Template

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“LiveStories has revolutionized how we show our data in our community.”
— Rochelle Ereman, Community Epidemiology Program Director, Marin County

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