LiveStories for Performance Tracking

Government agencies across the nation are increasingly adopting
practices and processes that can help increase transparency and
improve efficiency. Performance tracking is a central part of the
movement and with our user-friendly data software you can promote
a data-driven culture across all levels of your organization. 


Track Any Kind of Data

With our online data platform, you can pull in data from multiple sources and allow you and your colleagues easy access to all your data. Without even doing anything, LiveStories will automatically suggest relevant charts based on your data, easy for you to customize, export as images or save directly to dashboards or reports. 


Update Your Metrics in Seconds

Whether you have created a dashboard, a full-fledged report, or even if you have embedded LiveStories charts on your website, updating your data couldn't be easier. No need to resend reports when you find an error or worry about if people are using the latests version. With LiveStories, you can update reports, dashboards, and websites in just seconds.


Share and Discuss

Our user-friendly software allows data novices and experts alike to come together and explore data, discuss insights, and share learnings. Bringing everyone onboard helps ensure that a data-driven mentality is adopted across your entire organization.


See an example of what a performance dashboard or report could include.


Learn how you can promote a data-driven culture in your organization.