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Our goal is to increase the public’s interaction with and understanding of their military. The LiveStories platform helps us tell the full story around the data and engage a wider audience.
— Mary Lazzeri, Site Creator, Defense Digital Service

Share Your Story, Amplify Your Message

It's no longer enough to make your data open to the public. Most people don't know how to interpret data. On its own, a dataset doesn't tell a story. 

With LiveStories, you can publish open datasets and explain what the data means. Combine images, videos, charts, maps, and rich text to tell engaging stories about the wider context behind the numbers. And if users would like to explore the data, they can do so directly on your open data portal—no downloading necessary. 

Welcome to the next generation of open data.  


Data Stories

Provide a deeper understanding
of your data and keep control
of your message. 

Charts and Maps

Create a variety of data visualizations that are interactive and easily customizable.

Mobile Friendly

Readers will always have the optimal experience—on computers, tablets, or phones. 


Social Amplification

Users can share stories, charts, and maps on social media with a single click of a button.  


Images and Videos

Make your data portal beautiful and inviting by easily uploading images and embedding videos.  

Search Engine Optimization

Our stories and datasets are optimized for discovery on search engines such as Google and Bing. 


 Personalize Your Open Data Portal


Branded Portal

With our branding package, you can use your branded colors and your website's footer menu. 



Learn where your users are and which stories, datasets, and search terms are the most popular.


Your Own URL

Choose a domain name and focus on your content; LiveStories will handle hosting and maintenance.


Publish Your Data, Securely and Without Limits

One-Click Publishing

Upload data by dragging and dropping files. Click a button to make data public or private.  

No Dataset Limits

Your portal can include as many datasets as you wish.
No limits. No extra charges. 


Organize with Labels

Keep track of datasets and stories by production status, by content type, or by any label you like. 



Our natural language search makes it easy to find datasets and stories. Add labels and keywords to make your content even easier for users to find. 

LiveStories APIs

Automate your upload process or make your data available for external parties. You can generate several API keys, maintain access, and revoke specific keys if needed.

State of the Art Security

All your data is safely hosted on Amazon Web Services with state-of-the-art security. Users can also enable two-factor authentication for additional security. 


Considering Launching an Open Data Portal?

 Our user-friendly, engaging, and affordable open data portal solution can work for communities of all sizes. 
We are so confident in our solution that we offer a 30-day free trial of your own personalized open data portal. 


The Department of Defense Open Data Portal

The Department of Defense chose LiveStories as their open data portal provider for the site The site is a collection of data sets and stories of historical aerial bombings data from World War I through the Vietnam war. 

It’s a curated story and I think that that is the approach that we felt more comfortable with. Just putting data out and having zero public interest in what you’re doing or even awareness that the data exists I think limits the audience and the usage. And I don’t think it captures the intent of what you’re trying to do with open data.
— Chris Lynch, Director, Defense Digital Service.

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