NACCHO and LiveStories are partnering to provide an integrated data hub for NACCHO members to discover, analyze, and publish data.

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Understand your Community

Get your team and your community on the same page with interactive data reports and dashboards

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Save Time

Provide access to clean, normalized data from sources like Census, CDC, NACCHO, and state in one place

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Save Money

Deploy this solution, without breaking your budget.

Local health departments want to analyze and publish data to support their community. I am proud that NACCHO can bring this comprehensive data package to every department.
— Lori Tremmel Freeman, Executive Director, NACCHO

NACCHO Premium Membership gives you access to the most comprehensive set of reports, dashboards, and portals.

Features Standard Premium
2019 NACCHO National Profile Snapshot
National snapshot report for the 2019 NACCHO Profile survey.
2019 NACCHO Standard Profile of Local Health Department
Standard report with the 2019 NACCHO Profile survey data for a specific region.
2019 NACCHO Enhanced Profile of Local Health Department
More detailed report based on the 2019 NACCHO Profile survey and other contextual data.
Invite-only webinar for understanding 2019 NACCHO profiles
Exclusive webinar to understand your 2019 NACCHO Profile survey reports.
Results from other NACCHO research projects (e.g. Forces of Change)
Standard reports based on data from future NACCHO research projects and surveys.
Premium reports from other NACCHO research projects
More detailed reports built on data from future NACCHO research projects.
More than 50 up-to-date data profiles for your location
Get access to over 50 (and growing) community profiles (example: King County, Washington)
Access to a clean, up-to-date data library* for your entire staff
Start with 30 indicators from our data library. You can access additional indicators based on your team's needs.
Access to easy-to-use data tools for your entire staff
Explore the data, create cross-tabs, publish dashboards, reports and portals
Branded performance dashboard to communicate progress with 30 indicators
Show key indicators and track their progress over time (example: opioid overdose dashboard).
Branded health data portal to share key indicators with the public (example: county dashboard).
Discount on digital CHNA built and maintained by LiveStories
We will help you build out this digital version of your CHNA and keep the data updated as new data becomes available.
Discount on digital CHIP built and maintained by LiveStories
We will assist in creating the online version of your CHIP and keep it fresh as new data becomes available (example: Ocean County, New Jersey.)

* Sources include Census Bureau, CDC, Bureau Labor Statistics, and state sources


Got questions? Please contact NACCHO or LiveStories for more information.