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LiveProfiles are a customizable collection of data stories covering every community in The United States. They span a wide range of topics of your choosing including Health, Education, Housing, Public Safety, and Environment and Infrastructure. These topics and more can be instantly accessed and filtered through these interactive reports at national, state, county, and city levels.

  • Share connections between social conditions, health, and community well-being that affects your community’s everyday lives.

  • Provide a resource for your community to dig into the data on various topics to see how different populations are affected.

  • Supplement your mandated reporting by pointing to LiveProfiles pages that support your report topics.

Please fill out the form or contact us at 800-819-9785 x1 to learn more about LiveProfiles for your community.

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“Communicating complex information to multiple audiences in an understandable and engaging way is no simple task. LiveStories has made it so much easier. The platform is changing the way we disseminate information!”
— Kim MacPherson, Co-Director of the Berkeley Center for Health Technology