Develop a Deep Understanding of Your Communities


LiveProfiles help organizations who need to tell data-driven stories across multiple communities through a customizable collection of topics of their choosing, such as: Health, Education, Housing, Public Safety, Environment, and Infrastructure.

These topics and more can be instantly accessed and filtered through interactive reports at national, state, county, and city levels with unique pages for each community.

LiveProfiles are a powerful way to:

  • Share connections between social conditions, health, and community well-being that affect your community’s everyday lives.

  • Provide a resource for your community to dig into the data on various topics to see how different populations are affected.

  • Supplement your mandated reporting by pointing to LiveProfiles pages that support your report topics.

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I love the compelling visual graphics combined with stories and video and data together to tell a story.
— Soma Saha, MD, MS, Executive Lead, 100 Million Healthier Lives

LiveProfiles in Action

100 Million Healthier Lives is a collaboration of change agents across sectors committed to transforming the way the world thinks and acts to improve health, well-being, and equity. Their LiveProfile, “Well-being in the Nation Measures,” allows the public to analyze different measures to gain a better understanding of our health as a nation.

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How LiveProfiles Work


LiveProfiles are powered by your data and civic data within the LiveStories Data Library, which we collect and analyze from trusted sources like the ACS, CDC, BLS, and SAMSHA on a variety of topics and locations of your choosing.

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You share your vision and requirements for the data topics you would like.

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Our team of experts will source the data you need and build a LiveProfile.

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You review the draft, and our team will incorporate your feedback.

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Your LiveProfile goes live! We will keep its data
up to date.