Insights as a Service™ (IaaS)

Insights as a Service (IaaS) is how LiveStories helps organizations reveal the true story within their data, providing a clear vision for developing responsive action plans.
LiveStories helps experts and non-experts alike discover insights about health care, poverty, crime, health insurance coverage, transportation, imigration, veterans, and education in their local communities publish those insights as interactive data stories. Our solution includes thousands of verified indicators and interactive visualizations, with more added every week.
Our Insights as a Service platform for 2020 has the unique ability to compare cities, counties, and states on various indicators, enabling decision-makers to identify and elevate areas of concern.
LiveStories is a also service for collaboration between internal and external teams, helping all community stakeholders manage, respond, and plan for change.

Some of our clients who have benefited from our approach to Insights as a Service (IaaS)