ICMA 2017

Explore the data and stories from our presentation:
"How Data Storytelling Can Drive Civic Engagement,"
held at the ICMA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX.


Data Storytelling E-Book

Stories help us make better sense of the world, share ideas, and capture knowledge. Read our free e-book to learn how to combine data and storytelling to engage your audience. 

LiveStories City Dashboard

This report benchmarks your city's civic data indicators against state and national metrics, along with statistics from cities with similar populations.

Customer Stories

Fix It Harris County dogs.jpg

Fix It, Harris County

Nearly 25,000 animals pass through the Harris County Animal shelter every year. This story shows the data behind Harris County's efforts to find them loving homes.

Springfield Green County
Weekly Influenza Report

City of Melbourne
Services Dashboard

Maricopa County
Food Insecurity


Lonestar Stats: Benchmarking Texas on Civic Data

Based on data from the American Community Survey (ACS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this story shows how civic data indicators compare across states and over time.