Quickly Create Engaging Content

With LiveStories, you can quickly turn data into engaging content. 

  • Individual charts. LiveStories automatically suggests the best visualizations for your data. With 18 different chart types to choose from and endless ways to customize your charts, you will find visualizations for any type of data. 

  • Maps. Show location-based data using our beautiful and detailed maps. Create maps on any scale including:  zip code, city, county, state, or country. We can even create custom regions for you such as neighborhoods, census tract, school, and police districts.
  • Dashboards. Quickly create collections of your favorite charts and maps and present them as a dashboard. Update your data at any time to make sure dashboard viewers have the latest insights.
  • Stories. Add context to your data with our story builder. Tell the full story behind your data using charts, images, videos, and compelling writing. 
  • Data Portal. Make your data, charts, dashboards, and stories, publicly available with our data portal. Our data portal allows visitors to easily search, modify, and download data and content you have made public. Best of all, it comes standard with a LiveStories subscription. 

Create It Once, Use It Everywhere

Use your charts, maps, and stories across various channels, such as:

  • Website/Blog. Adding an interactive chart or map to your website is as easy as adding a Youtube video. Every chart has an embed code that allows you to insert it into your website or blog. And when you update your data, LiveStories automatically pushes the latest data to your embedded charts and maps. 
  • Email. All charts and maps can quickly be shared via email. Just copy/paste a direct chart link and allow recipients to view, modify, and export charts.
  • Social Media. Share your data insights to Twitter and Facebook at the click of a button. Post charts, maps, and stories directly to your social media channels. 
  • Presentations and Reports. If you are creating a presentation or report, you can include your visualizations from LiveStories by exporting them as images.
  • PDF. All stories created in LiveStories can be exported as PDF files, so you can bring your data presentations to meetings as printed hand-outs. 

All Your Data in One Place

Make your data easy to access while maintaining full control. 

Upload your data into LiveStories and watch how it is automatically turned into charts and maps that can be easily searched, modified, and shared. All your data is private by default. Only the data you decide to open up will be accessible to people outside your team. You can upload data yourself or we can help you import it. If you have a database you would like to connect to, we can do that too. 


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