More than 100 public sector organizations use LiveStories to easily access data, inform decision-making, and present data to internal and external audiences in more engaging ways. 

“It really has revolutionized how we show our data in our community”.
— Rochelle Ereman, Community Epidemiology Program Director Marin County Department of Health and Human Services


Data novices and experts alike can now collaborate around data.



Access, visualize, and explore data with lightning speed. 



Publish engaging content that resonates with your audience. 


Improve Your Communication

Are people listening when you present data? or do you simply wish you could make your data more engaging? Either way, the LiveStories platform provides you with everything you need to turn data into engaging stories with interactive charts and maps, rich text, images, and videos. 

The result are fact sheets, dashboards, and reports that people pay attention to. The stories can easily be updated with new data or developments so your audience always has the latest information. 


Built for the Public Sector

Our platform was built with the public sector in mind. Throughout the years we have worked closely with our public sector partners, listened to needs and wants, and built a platform that fits to public sector work flows. We understand your challenges and your goals and how we can help. LiveStories is here to serve you, so you can focus on what you do the best, serve your constituents.


User-friendly—so everyone can collaborate

A lot of data tools were exclusively built for data experts. We took a different approach. Our platform was built with ease-of-use in mind so everyone on a team can access data, explore it, share insights with colleagues, and communicate results to relevant audiences. Being data-driven is a team sport and we created an arena with a level playing field. But the benefits don't stop here. The user-friendly nature of LiveStories also means you don't have to spend thousand of dollars and weeks learning how to use the software. We offer two hours of training as part of all team subscriptions, because that is all you need.


Faster, easier, and more engaging

LiveStories is a new and better way of communicating data, both internally with colleagues and externally to the public. Forget PDF reports and Excel spreadsheets, LiveStories takes everything online so you can easily adapt it to multiple channels. Share our stories on social media, download charts for use in presentations, or embed maps on your website and watch them update automatically when new data is available. The opportunities are endless. Regardless of what you need to communicate, LiveStories can help you do it faster, easier, and more effectively across all your channels. 

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