LiveStories Public Health Reports

LiveStories includes hundreds of indicators and visualizations, localized for every county in the United States. Localized data for states and most major cities is also available. To read the data story for your community, follow the links below.

State-level Report:

Trends in Public Health

The CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System—BRFSS for short—is a survey of public health conducted in every state of America. This report highlights some of the most important indicators from BRFSS and shows the trends for your state. 

County-level Report:

How Your County is Changing

Based on 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey, this free report illuminates your county's vital demographics, income, housing, and transportation statistics. It also shows how these statistics have changed over the past decade in your county, along with its surrounding counties. 

City-level Report:

City Public Health Report

Raw data is just the beginning of every city's story. Urban environments pose unique health care challenges to both residents and providers. This data report provides an overview of your city's health care landscape, based on data from the American Community Survey and the 500 Cities Project. 


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Public Health Organizations Use Our All-in-One Data Platform

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“LiveStories has revolutionized how we show our data in our community.”
— Rochelle Ereman, Community Epidemiology Program Director, Marin County