Become a State Health Data Expert for Your State
Access, analyze, and use your state's health data sources effectively
(Free to all State Health Professionals)

To get a true understanding of the health conditions in your community, you have to work with many disparate data sources - federal vs. state vs. local or public vs. private. 80% of health departments time is spent on finding and cleaning data, leaving very little time to explore, understand, and use the data.

It should be the other way around - you should not have to struggle to get clean, relevant data.

LiveStories is a recognized expert at sourcing health data around the country, providing our clients with accurate & actionable data insights so they can make impactful decisions that improve the health of their communities.

Our goal with these webinars is to empower health professionals with the skills they need to access, analyze, and use state and national-level health data sources.

You are invited to an exclusive webinar about your state's health data, focusing on:

  • Sources for health data for your specific state

  • Understand metadata around these datasets

  • Use state and national-level data sources effectively

  • Discover powerful insights within the data

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Webinar delivered week of November 11, 2019


View Some Outputs from State Level Data Sources

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Some organizations that rely on LiveStories for state & national data access

LiveStories offers exactly what we need, and have been looking for: to help share complex data in a meaningful way.
— Chad Henry, Contra Costa County Health

We also create interactive, web-based reports for local governments nationwide.