Expand Your Knowledge of State Health Data Sources for Florida
Access, analyze, and use your state's health data sources effectively
(Free to all Florida State Health Professionals)

LiveStories is a recognized expert at sourcing health data around the country, providing our clients with accurate & actionable data insights so they can make impactful decisions that improve the health of their communities.

Our goal with these webinars is to empower health professionals with the skills they need to access, analyze, and use state- and national-level health data sources.

Join us and learn:

  • Sources for health data for your specific state

  • Understand metadata around these datasets

  • Use state- and national-level data sources effectively

  • Discover powerful insights within the data

Florida Health Data Sources:

  • Department of Health

  • Florida Health Charts

  • Florida Health Finder

  • Environmental Public Health Tracking System

  • Cancer Registry

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Webinar Series:

Part 1 - Accessing Florida State Data Sources

Part 2 - Diving into what’s in Florida State Data Sources

Part 3 - How to Use Florida State Data Effectively

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Organizations That Use Our All-in-One Data Solution

LiveStories offers exactly what we need, and have been looking for: to help share complex data in a meaningful way.
— Chad Henry, Pre-Hospital Care Coordinator, Contra Costa County
LiveStories created a tool that made it easy for people to develop the core skills that are needed for a team that’s trying to create community transformation.
— Soma, MD, MS, Executive Lead, 100 Million Healthier Lives


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