LiveStories for Health Organizations

When it comes to health, speed and quality of information are vital.
LiveStories provides you with a platform where you can easily access
the most relevant health data, quickly respond to urgent data and
information requests, and create timely health campaigns that can
inform and educate the public, journalists, and decision-makers. 

“It really has revolutionized how we show our data in our community.”
— Rochelle Ereman, Community Epidemiology Program Director Marin County Department of Health and Human Services

Inform and educate stakeholders more effectively.

LiveStories offers a multitude of engaging ways you can publish and communicate data to your stakeholders. From individual charts published on social media, to public dashboards, and engaging, interactive stories and reports. All our publishing options are easy to create, share, and update. 


Make it easy to find relevant health data.

With LiveStories you can bring all your data into one place and make it easy to find and explore. With a simple search, you will not only find the data you are looking for, you will also automatically see it visualized in beautiful, interactive charts and maps. 


Quickly respond to urgent data requests.

Do you get a lot of urgent data requests from internal and external stakeholders? With LiveStories you can respond to data requests in a flash. Simply search for the data  and respond immediately with direct links to charts, maps, dashboards, or interactive reports. You can even set up a LiveStories Data Home where you can make data available for the public to view, explore, and download.

Case Study: Marin County Department of Health and Human Services

Selected Stories Created with LiveStories


Whether you work on a local, regional, or national scale,
we can help you build healthier communities.

“I worked with HealthData+ to show data at the Way to Wellville meeting. I like how you can use different types of media: pictures, videos, and charts. It was very powerful to have the different types of media to share my story.”
— Gemalli DeLeon, Lake County Tribal Health