Grants Toolkit
LiveStories understands that grants are a critical funding mechanism for organizations of all types and sizes.
Our unique Grants Toolkit provides organizations of all sizes with support at any stage of the grant, leveraging the full power or our Civic Analytics Platform to help organizations secure funding, track & monitor grant performance, and support their grants easily and cost effectively.
Make your grant application
more competitive
  • Access a vast civic data library with over 1,600 indicators
  • Quickly acquire new civic data for specific grant needs
  • One platform for data acquisition, access, and reporting
  • Receive training and support in transforming survey or raw data into interactive visualizations and web-based reports
  • Constant and direct access to LiveStories’ technical staff as an ongoing resource for data-related needs
  • Leverage our expertise in web-based reporting, data visualization, and communicating data for engagement to a wider, often public, audience
  • Built-in integration with Google Analytics for traffic and engagement tracking
  • Social media and marketing guidance and assistance for dissemination in both digital and more traditional venues

Include Community Insights
From Trusted Sources
Applications that leverage local and community data are more competitive. LiveStories has a vast data library with sources ranging from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the American Community Survey.
This level of granularity can provide unique insights into your community that can help you better articulate your specific community needs in your application.
Share concept design and proofs with funders
LiveStories can provide proof of concepts and screenshot examples to be included in your application. Pictures tell a thousand words, and they can help grant reviewers better understand your proposal.
Access a Powerful Dashboard
and Report Platform
for your evaluation and monitoring needs
The more detail you can provide in the letter, the more competitive the letter will be to grant reviewers. This is especially important if LiveStories can perform tasks that your organization lacks expertise in (e.g., data collection, data visualization, and data reporting). This shows grant reviewers that you have the support from trusted partner organizations to succeed.
Track Your Grants Awareness,
Engagement, and Impact
Once a grant has been awarded, the work of compliance and maintaining that grant have just begun.
Enjoy the unique support that only the most comprehensive Civic Analytics Platform can provide.
LiveStories integrates with Google Analytics as well as provides best practices for social media and other traditional dissemination tracking. Reporting these dissemination metrics to funders can be critical to sustaining your grant funding, especially for multiple year awards.

Trusted Partner
To cities, counties, states, universities, non-profits and organizations nationwide
In our line of work, budgets are tight, but the need to get effective messaging out there is pretty critical. LiveStories allows us to get information out to the people who need it most, so they can make the important decisions necessary to keep our community healthy.
— Claire, San Luis Obispo County Health Agency


LiveStories Grants Toolkit

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