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Data Storytelling

Learn how to tell engaging stories with data. This guide includes tips on how to present your data in the best way, how to write more compellingly, and where you can find beautiful free images.

Performance Measurement

The effect on happiness is a big trend in policy-making. This e-book provides a framework that can help the public sector link performance metrics and policies to the happiness of constituents.  

Recorded Webinars

Data Storytelling:
How to Tell Engaging Stories with Data

How to Engage Local Communities with Data



Jobs and Unemployment

Not all industries recovered equally from the Great Recession. Some didn't recover at all. This report shows unemployment rates for your county by industry. 


Poverty and Income Inequality

When it comes to wealth and poverty, the United States is a nation of extremes. This report explores the data on both issues for your county. 

report 1-01.png

Drug Poisoning Deaths

America faces a high rate of drug poisoning deaths. This report provides the data on poisoning deaths for your county from all drugs, both prescription and illicit. 

veterans report


The American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, collects information on veterans living in every county in the nation. This report shows data for the veteran population in your county. 


Stock Images

90 quality stock images available to download for free. Great for topics such as health, obesity, exercise, nutrition, food, or diabetes. 



16 free icons available to download for free. These icons can be used in reports, on websites, or in presentations. 

Free Open Data Portal

Are you considering getting an open data portal where you can make your data public? Why not see what it would look like with LiveStories. Get an open data portal with your data, free for 30 days, so you can see if it's a good fit. 

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