1. Stop revenue shortfalls - retain businesses v. having to attract new ones in these times of crisis

  2. Become a leader in economic development with all businesses in your community

  3. Improve services to businesses without increasing costs though this easy digital transformation platform

  4. Streamline and automate manual processes

  5. Quick & easy deployment – be up and running within 2 weeks. Free for all businesses

  6. Simple, intuitive, and easy for businesses to engage and understand

  7. 5X engagement compared to best-in-class B2B websites

  8. Get accurate picture of city revenue recovery

  9. Track economic recovery with real-time data

  10. New features added weekly

Local Business Recovery
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"I now have a set of tools and online resources to help me drive more business activity to the City of Issaquah."
- Tim Dutter, Economic Development Manager, City of Issaquah, WA

Trusted Partner in Supporting Local Governments Nationwide

“State and local governments have become more willing to try implementing new systems using agile methodologies that fit better with the modern tech world.” - Government Technology

LiveStories is proud to be part of this group for 3 years in a row, leading the way forward to help local governments connect with their businesses to speed recovery, while saving costs & resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can we use FORWARD post-COVID?

  • FORWARD can be used for long-term engagement within the business community
  • FORWARD allows governments the ability to conduct business with businesses

+ We have budget shortfall, and this is extra cost for my city and county.

  • FORWARD was built to help you to retain businesses. In most cases, saving between 3 to 8 businesses will pay for your investment of FORWARD.

+ Will this add more work for my over-extended staff?

  • FORWARD will streamline the work of your team and expand the team’s capacity.
  • With FORWARD, your team can provide direct, personalized, support to every business.

+ Will this duplicate the efforts of our economic development group?

  • No, FORWARD augments your economic development team, enabling them to provide personalized service to every business.

+ Our businesses need help immediately. How quickly can we deploy this to our businesses?

  • We can have your businesses using FORWARD within 14 days.

+ I have multiple cities in my region. Is there extra cost for each city to deploy a portal?

  • No, there is no extra fee whether you want one portal for the region or separate portals for each city/county in the region.

Recent FORWARD Launches

Thanks to our friends at LiveStories. They worked with us - I don’t think they stopped working the last week because I wanted it done tonight, so we can unveil it tomorrow.
— Toby Cotter, City Manager, Bullhead City, AZ
Bullhead City, AZ - Population 40,421
  • Launched with more than 30 local, state, and federal programs all in one location.
  • Quick deployment & adoption
  • Relief from local business licensing
  • Up to 3 months of deferred sewer payments
  • Free advertising with local radio & news outlets
  • Request additional police patrols & neighborhood watch programs

Trusted Partner
To cities, counties, and states, nationwide
The LiveStories team has a new solution that I believe can help our Alaskan businesses to quickly find and connect with resources during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
— Shirley Marquardt, Executive Director, SWAMC
I’ve been trying for weeks to apply for the EIDL on the SBA website and have been unsuccessful. I kept seeing that initial funds had been exhausted and they would post when they began accepting additional applications. The link provided via your Forward email allowed me to apply this morning. I really appreciate your assistance!
— Kevin Hird, Sports Depot
I found the website to be very helpful and informative. Logging in was simple and reading through each program that I could qualify for was a snap!
— Chris Panouses, Uncle Pete’s Restaurant
It seems quite easy to use with a simple interface and I like the idea to expand the details into more specific information. I would recommend this as a good resource/portal for acquiring knowledge to all the various programs and if they would apply to a business.
— Bob Rebitzer, Bier Stube Restaurant
Learn how to get FORWARD for your community and jumpstart your economic recovery

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