Your mission is community recovery and resilience. We focus on your success.

Whether connecting your businesses to relevant resources or answering their questions or giving them license deferment, we will support your team to help every business in your community to recover and thrive.

Bring FORWARD to your community:
There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming for business owners. FORWARD will generate available funding sources based on the individual business profile, so each business owner sees only those resources that apply to them.
— Stephanie Acri, Mayor, City of Moline, Illinois

For Governments

Change how you do business with your businesses.

Save businesses

Connect every business to relevant resources at scale with your existing team.

Save money

Digitize manual processes, simplify forms and reduce costly errors.

Lead community

Retain your revenue base and jobs so that you can continue to provide key services.

For Businesses

Streamline your interactions with local government.


Access grants, loans, and incentive programs; federal, state, and local - all in one place


Quickly apply to most resources so that you can focus on running your business.


FREE to every business - no matter how many resources you use.

I’ve been trying for weeks to apply for the EIDL on the SBA website and have been unsuccessful. I kept seeing that initial funds had been exhausted and they would post when they began accepting additional applications. The link provided via your Forward email allowed me to apply this morning. I really appreciate your assistance!
— Kevin Hird, Sports Depot

Businesses use FORWARD to deploy 100+ resources every week.

Self Serve

With FORWARD, businesses can access and apply to eligible resources, all from one place.

Multiple Integrations

Connect FORWARD to other financial and non-financial resources like licensing and virtual inspections.

Long-term Solution

FORWARD can be connected to immediate resources and resources that maybe created in the future.

Precision Outreach

FORWARD sends custom reminders and to-do lists, not spray-and-pray approach.

Real-time Tracking

Access detailed business activity reports through FORWARD for compliance and auditing purposes.

Team Scalability

FORWARD augments your team, giving you the ability to impact every business in your community.

Get info on how to enable FORWARD for your community:

FORWARD Launches in Arizona
Thanks to our friends at LiveStories. They worked with us - I don’t think they stopped working the last week because I wanted it done tonight, so we can unveil it tomorrow.
— Toby Cotter, City Manager, Bullhead City, AZ
Bullhead City, AZ - Population 40,421
  • Launched with more than 30 local, state, and federal programs all in one location.
  • Quick deployment & adoption
  • Relief from local business licensing
  • Up to 3 months of deferred sewer payments
  • Free advertising with local radio & news outlets
  • Request additional police patrols & neighborhood watch programs
Rather than chasing this stuff all over Google, and not able to find any of it, our businesses, starting right now, once they get that email from us with their user name and password, are going to be able to go into this portal and have all 30 of those programs available to them right now. Our goal is to move forward, and that’s where we’re at.
— Toby Cotter, City Manager, Bullhead City, AZ

FORWARD’s engaging platform keeps you in touch with your businesses.


Pages per session


Minutes per session


Resources per business

Trusted Partner
To cities, counties, and states, nationwide
The LiveStories team has a new solution that I believe can help our Alaskan businesses to quickly find and connect with resources during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
— Shirley Marquardt, Executive Director, SWAMC
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Quickly get your businesses and community leaders connected, up-and-running, and moving forward.