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See how our customers use LiveStories to create interactive data reports for their communities and stakeholders. 

Community Health Needs Assessment

Jefferson County, Colorado

Jefferson County Public Health used LiveStories to create an interactive website for their CHNA. The site is organized into five sections: a community description, an assessment of the health determinants and factors, an assessment of health outcomes, a list of community assets, and a description of the assessment methodology.

LiveStories enables Jefferson County’s team to quickly and easily update the text, data, and charts. It functions as a “one-stop shop” for their community’s health data.


Weekly Flu Report

Springfield-Greene Public Health Department

This Weekly Flu Report provides the public with a variety of visualizations of trends in flu cases, including charts on trends by age and year. The story enables the public and local media to get quick access to the timely data they need, without having to consult with public health experts.  

An epidemiologist updates a Google spreadsheet weekly and the new data is automatically published to the story. The LiveStory itself is embedded within the health department's website.


100 Million Healthier Lives

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

100 Million Healthier Lives is a network of communities throughout the world, from Alaska to New York, from Kenya to India. Together, these communities include over 307 million people, and participants in the organization are working to make its name—“100 million healthier lives”—a reality by 2020. The organization's driving value is that public health can be improved most effectively from the ground up, within local communities, by people working together across silos to create wellbeing.  

100MHL began using LiveStories in December 2016 as part of its flagship initiative: SCALE—which stands for Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation. Each SCALE team used LiveStories to tell their community's story in a unique way. 

To the right, you can read three featured LiveStories from 100 Million Healthier Lives, along with our customer profiles of the SCALE teams that created them. Or you can browse all of the LiveStories on 100MHL's SCALE website.


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