LiveStories for Educational Institutions

Being responsible for educating future generations is no small task.
LiveStories helps you stay ahead of the curve and make educated decisions, 
so you can provide the support and resources needed to allow students
and educators to live up to their full potential. 


Compare schools and districts.  

Whether you are comparing schools or analyzing test results, LiveStories makes it easy to go from spreadsheet to dashboards and reports in a matter of minutes. Let LiveStories suggest the best charts or display your data on a map and let districts with low or high scores be highlighted immediately. 


Find areas that need improvement.

Discovering new insights and learnings is easy with LiveStories. Quickly determine high and low performing schools, age-groups, or classes, and easily dive into the numbers. You can even start discussions around the data with your team and get the full context of a specific issue, so you can forge the best plan going forward. 


Activate your community with engaging reports.

When you are sharing updates with your stakeholders, being able to communicate effectively is essential to the outcome and your success. At the click of a few buttons, you can turn your insights into engaging, interactive reports that can help you rally support and take action, and with our integrated publishing options your charts and maps can be used in any kind of medium whether presentation, website, or social media.

Livestories makes it drop-dead simple for me to quickly create visually rich and compelling stories.
— Rick Anderson, Director of Public Policy at Washington Nonprofits

Examples of Education Stories Created with LiveStories


Let us show you how you can bring your A-game.