Data Visualization Made Easy

Most people don’t connect with numbers and spreadsheets. To tell a compelling story with data, you’ll need to visualize it. With LiveStories, you'll never have to start data visualizations with a blank canvas. Our platform offers simple, powerful data visualization tools, so each chart and graph you create tells a story worth a thousand words.


Explore Visualizations—Automatically

As soon as you upload a dataset to your account, LiveStories generates a collection of visualizations for you to explore—instantly and automatically. The platform predicts the most relevant kinds of charts and maps to generate based on the content of the data. Any of these automatic visualizations can be added to a story as-is. You can also use them as starting points, if you’d prefer to finesse the details.



Charts and Graphs at Your Fingertips

If you have data in your account, you can create new charts and use it to create new charts, from anywhere, at any time. Create charts from your home page, or from within a story. Pin charts to a central dashboard and edit them as needed. You can easily switch between chart styles—bar graphs, trend lines, even icon-based infographics—shift the layout, and customize the colors. Powerful filters let your chart show a narrow slice of a broader dataset.


Data Maps that Won’t Leave Readers Lost

Turning data into sleek, interactive maps is simple with LiveStories, because the platform recognizes when a dataset contains geographic data. If you upload a spreadsheet with state or county names, turning a chart into a map is as easy as clicking a button. LiveStories maps are highly customizable, and online readers can hover over counties or states to get a closer look at their local data.