Share Your Data Stories

Stories help us make better sense of the world, share ideas, and capture knowledge. Great stories have the power to inspire people and compel action. With LiveStories’s Story Builder, it’s easy to create, share, and update the stories behind your data.



Give Your Data Context

Even with the best charts and graphs, you still need to help your readers put the dots together. Our Story Builder lets you place your data visualizations within a broader narrative, with all the features you’d expect from a modern web publishing platform. Add headings and subheadings, pull quotes, images and videos, and ESRI maps—or work on your LiveStories data visualizations, directly from the story page. It’s all at your fingertips.   


Get a Head Start with Templates

Web design not your specialty? LiveStories templates do the heavy lifting for you. Start a new story with a predesigned template, from simple fact sheets to complex policy briefs. Each template features attractive, customized fonts and layouts—so you can concentrate on storytelling.



Share and Update

Publishing a data story on LiveStories is as simple as clicking a button. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is just as easy. And no worries about version control—any changes you make and publish later will show up on the same URL.