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The American Community Survey (ACS) provides insights on the population, housing and workforce of cities and counties across the United States. This Census Bureau survey covers 3.5 million households annually.  

LiveStories data library has the most recent 5-year estimates from the ACS. Our platform enables you to easily benchmark your local data to state and national metrics, to your regional neighbors, and to other cities and counties with similar populations.

  • ACS data covers more than 700 indicators.
  • Topics: demographics, immigration, education, income, and more.
  • Geographic levels: national, state, counties, and cities.
  • Timeframe: 5-year estimates, plus 1-year estimates for areas with at least 65,000 people.
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Analyze the Breadth + Depth of ACS Data

Explore example charts based on topics, and drill down to see data for specific populations.


Get detailed information on American people and communities.

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Drill down to data for specific populations in thousands of locations.

Choose a type of household to see its median income data, across every county in a state.

Story Using American Community Survey Data


Lake Cumberland District Health Department

This Kentucky-based health department uses American Community Survey data for their community health assessment.

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