The Year in Review | The Most Interesting Open Data Articles in 2016

The Year in Review | The Most Interesting Open Data Articles in 2016

We have gathered some of the most interesting data articles from 2016.

The Future of Open Data, in the Story of an Ancient Library

The next administration will need to make important choices about both government data and Iraq. What can Mosul’s ruins tell us about the future of government data?

In the Spirit of the Season, Consider the Less Fortunate

We put together a collection of "smart stories" on local poverty rates, along with a list of poverty relief and food security organizations to help those in need. 

Customer Story Highlights from 2016

Our partners have done amazing work on the LiveStories platform for great causes. Here are some of our favorite examples from this year:

The Most Popular Blog Posts and Resources in 2016

We've written a lot on this blog throughout 2016. Looking back, here are our top five picks.

Navigation: New and Improved

Learn about a new feature for organizing longer stories and guiding readers' attention: anchors and a navigation bar. 

Media Has Evolved. Government Needs to Catch up.

A closer look at how the internet and social media have evolved and the role government plays.

Collaborating in a Data Ecosystem

Governments have always relied on others to help achieve impact, and vica-versa. By promoting collaboration between government and nongovernment groups, important data can reach more people.

To Engage Your Audience, Tell a Story

The work of government has always made for some great stories. Here's how to tell yours.

Make Your Charts Pop Even More with Highlights and Icons

New highlighting color options, custom ordering for chart elements, and whimsical icons give you even more control over your data story's visuals.

How to Avoid Wasting Your Audience's Time

When you produce something for an audience, remember that you are asking them to give you a treasure: their time.

Get Organized and Inspired with New Labels and Story Copies

Our platform's newest features will make it much easier to keep track of your work—and to learn from other LiveStories users.

Saving Time and Resources in Marin County

Learn how Marin County's Department of Health and Human Services is using LiveStories to conserve time and build a healthier community. 

Publishing a Public Health Dashboard in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County

Learn how Health Data Matters is using Livestories to create a public health dashboard with data from Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Ohio. 

Harnessing the Power of Public Health Interventions at UCLA

Learn how UCLA's Win-Win Project is using LiveStories to show the power of public health interventions and collaboration.

Introducing Our New Story Builder

LiveStories is introducing a new and improved version of our story builder. We built it entirely from scratch and based it on a lot of user feedback. This blog post will guide you through the new features.

LiveStories Raises $3 Million to Change the Way Governments Work With Data

LiveStories, a Seattle-based company and Techstars graduate, today announced a $3 million seed round led by True Ventures. Additional investors include Founders’ Co-op, Social Leverage,, the Knight Foundation and several angel investors.

Creating an Engaging and Informative Data Story in Sonoma County

Learn how Sonoma County Health Department is using LiveStories to communicate findings from a survey they conducted on health and well-being of farmworkers in their local community. 

More Data. In Less Time.

LiveStories just released a set of platform improvements that make it easier to upload data—and to highlight the data you want your readers to focus on.  

LiveStories Empowers Rapid Responses to Health Crises

During fast-developing news events or public health crises, communicating the latest information to readers becomes even more essential.