3 Obstacles Preventing Government Agencies from Being Transparent and Efficient

In the past six years, transparency and efficiency have come a long way. However, we are still far from the goal.

3 Free Design Tools That Can Help You Create Beautiful Reports

A great design can take your presentation, story, or report from looking good to looking great - and way more professional. This means great illustrations, the right colors, and beautiful imagery. But if you like most people don't have a designer around, use these three free tools to make your presentation look beautiful.

Local Health Departments in California

LiveStories is working with the California Healthcare Foundation, The Public Health institute, and 10 California county health departments to improve public health through the use of data.

[Webinar] Telling the Story Behind the Numbers

Join our CEO and Founder, Adnan Mahmud, and experts from the California Healthcare Foundation and the Public Heath Institute in the webinar Making Data Work for the Public’s Health: Telling the Story Behind the Numbers and learn how “Data can change the way public health works." Reserve your spot now, space is limited. 

Before You Create a Report or a Story, Answer These 3 Questions

Before you create a report or story, you want to get the fundamentals right. The fundamentals form the basis of your story and consist of three questions that you want to ask and answer.

Launching Live Chat and Support Forum

Our products are built based on your feedback and learnings from working closely with all our customers. It is our goal to make things as easy for you as possible so if you need help, have feedback, or want to share your ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. This update just made it a lot easier and faster. 

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Meetings More Effective and Efficient

10 simple steps to how you can make your meetings more effective and efficient. Get the most out of your meetings in the shortest amount of time.

LiveStories Data Maps Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We are excited to announce that we have launched better data maps and they look AMAZING! (sorry, I'm really excited about this update). Now place names are clearly visible and even get... 

Now You Can Discuss Insights with Your Team

Collaboration in LiveStories just got a whole lot better, now you can discuss charts and maps with your team. 

LiveStories, Public Health Institute, Awarded 1st Place in National Obesity Data Challenge

The U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, The Health Data Consortium, The de Beaumont Foundation, and the UK National Health Service launched an international competition for software solutions that could help harness existing open health data to develop visualizations and tools for health care providers and public health officials to better tackle obesity. HealthData+ used the LiveStories platform to create the winning application.