Data Story Roundup: June 12 to June 19 2017

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New York prevents roadway casualties using data. 

Cities like New York City are looking to predictive models to meet Vision Zero Goals. For instance, the NY Police Department gathered four years of open data on vehicle crash sites and compared it to data on risky driving events to determine where and when to deploy interventions to prevent roadway casualties.  

How cities use mapping to determine gentrification trends. 

With gentrification on the rise, these seven U.S. cities are using mapping to determine trends which allow them to intervene before low-income residents are affected. 

Seattle takes data-driven approach to solving homelessness.

In an effort to combat homelessness, Seattle is gathering more accurate information by taking a data-driven approach. See how other cities use technology to combat homelessness

To prevent another Zika outbreak, Miami harnesses the power of data using GIS.

Miami's Dade County is preparing for the much anticipated mosquito season by harnessing the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to control mosquito activity