Data Story Roundup: May 29 to June 5, 2017

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Threats to Affordable Housing in New York

New York City released an annual data graphic displaying threats to affordable housing in all 59 of its communities. The graphic gives users a look into the future showing potential effects rezoning actions could have on future affordable housing.

New Employment Numbers: The Good and the Bad

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ household survey revealed that the United States added 138,000 jobs this May. This report was a mixed bag. While the unemployment rate went down to 4.3 percent, the labor force participation rate went down to 0.2 percent.

Google Maps Air Pollution

Long known for being an authority on mapping directions, Google revealed its first ever map showing block-by-block air pollution levels. The data mapped was collected using street view cars equipped with sensory tools and could help cities get better air quality. 

Baltimore Adds Smart Water Meters

The city of Baltimore announced its water department will implement state of the art smart-meter technology. These meters measure how much water a person uses by the hour which is then sent to the water department.