Webinar: How to Engage Local Communities with Data

Publishing a dataset, or even creating a visualization, doesn't ensure your data will be used to achieve social impact. Raising awareness of an issue, informing policymaking, and empowering communities or individuals takes much more! The act of communicating and engaging with data is no easy task, but there are tips we can all integrate into our work.


Join LiveStories in our upcoming webinar discussion, How to Engage Local Communities with Data. Andy Krackov, our Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy, will share the lessons he's learned from a dozen years of close collaboration with local communities nationwide to show you how to leverage your data and turn them into actionable information.

Register today and learn about:

  • The importance of integrating stories with data
  • How to work with communication staff to improve what you publish
  • Why it’s important to always talk to your users before (and after) you create content.


Cover photo by William White.