Harnessing the Power of Public Health Interventions at UCLA


Customer Case Study
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Population: communities across the U.S.

The easy-to-use templates and graph suggestions helped us create consistent and clean website resources. We appreciate that LiveStories continues to add new features that help us to expand and improve.
— Natalie Rhoads, Program Manager at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

The Win-Win Project, created by UCLA’s Center for Health Advancement, is an initiative to maximize the impact of public health interventions. Researchers looked at data surrounding big problems, like crime and childhood well-being, and analyzed proposed policies and solutions. The “win-win” refers to dual benefits of successful programs. For example, an ideal intervention will benefit a local community socially, and also benefit the local or state government financially.

UCLA has used the LiveStories platform to more effectively tell stories about the data behind these public health interventions. Each story covers a specific intervention—such as an asthma home remediation program in Los Angeles

Readers can drill down from the summary page to see detailed results, complete with interactive data visualizations. For example, the chart here shows how the asthma reduction program has affected educational outcomes across health districts. (Users can hover over each bar to see detailed data.) 

And perhaps just as importantly, the stories invite readers to take action based on the information they present. 


The Win-Win Project covers a wide range of public policy issues, from juvenile cognitive behavioral therapy to nurse-family partnerships. When it comes to issues involving public health, it's important to use data to help inform policy decisions. The UCLA Center for Health Assessment is doing a terrific job highlighting important public health issues and showing how one can help take action. Check out their great work here:

For another great example of a customer's work with data, see our post about Health Data Matters


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