Navigation: New and Improved

LiveStories now offers new features to make your stories more enjoyable to read and visually appealing: anchor links and a navigation bar.

Anchors aweigh!

Navigation anchors are a way to divide up your story into linkable sections. To start, add an anchor module to your story. (If you’re using headings, you’ll probably want to place the anchor right above one.)

Give your anchor a name … and that’s it! LiveStories will automatically create a navigation bar. The bar will link to the anchor you just created.

Notes on navigation

The navigation anchors themselves are invisible to end users. The little blue tags on the side will not show up in the published story. So make sure you accompany your anchors with headings or other content that matches.

Add multiple navigation anchors to your story, and they’ll all show up in order on the navigation bar. Users will be able to go to any section of the story, whenever they wish.

You can also change the navigation bar’s color in the color palette (accessed via the red menu button in the lower-right.)

We strongly encourage using anchor navigation for longer stories. They’ll greatly improve the reading experience for your end users. Choosing a bold color for your navigation bar can also reinforce your story’s branding.

What new features or improvements would you like to see? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Photo credit: Kendall Lane