More Data. In Less Time.

LiveStories just released a set of platform improvements that make it easier to upload data—and to highlight the data you want your readers to focus on.  

1. Upload More Data Faster
First, our engineers have eliminated a couple of hurdles to uploading your data.  You can now upload spreadsheets virtually without any limit on the number of rows and columns (if you have a very large dataset, you will just be waiting a little longer). We have also sped up the upload process itself so you start creating charts immediately after uploading your dataset. 

2. Live Updates of Google Sheets
LiveStories now offers enhanced Google Sheets support. If you’ve connected a Google Sheet to a dataset on your team it is now possible to have the platform update your data automatically on a nightly basis (Add-on feature). Any data changes in your Google Sheet will be pushed to all the places where the data are being used, whether charts, maps, dashboards, or stories. This functionality will not only save you time, but also opens up the opportunity to use Google Forms (survey) to collect data and automatically have them visualized in your report or dashboard on a daily basis. 

3. Highlight Interesting Insights
Finally, we’ve added a feature to make your data visualizations pop a little more. You can now “highlight” a single element on a chart—for example, one bar on a bar chart—so it stands out from the pack.

All three features were created based on user input, so please keep sending us ideas and feedback to or feel free to submit them by using the comments field below.