LiveStories Launches FORWARD in Arizona

FORWARD is the only business recovery and growth platform of its kind, connecting businesses to resources, loans, grants, and local incentives to move forward, thrive, and succeed together.

“We’ve been working with our friends at LiveStories over the last couple of weeks, preparing for a recovery. And this is great timing with our governor, letting our businesses get back to work.”

“There will probably be cities and even a couple of states that will wonder how we’re even going to be able to do this. FORWARD for Bullhead City launched with more than 30 local, state, and federal programs all in one location.

“Rather than chasing this stuff all over Google, and not able to find any of it, our businesses, starting right now, once they get that email from us with their username and password, are going to be able to go into this portal and have all 30 of those programs available to them right now. Our goal is to move forward, and that’s where we’re at.”

- Toby Cotter, City Manager, Bullhead City, AZ