Latest LiveStories Update: Better Data Discovery

Screenshot from our updated data library

Screenshot from our updated data library

We’ve made it easier for you to browse the 2,000+ indicators in the LiveStories data library.

Specifically, you can now:

  • Browse indicators by category

  • Easily view multiple indicators simultaneously

  • Explore new indicators

  • Investigate trending indicators featured by the LiveStories team

Don’t see the data you’re looking for? Fill out the “Request Data” form at the bottom of the data library page.

Other Updates

In addition to this update, we’ve added indicators to our Data Library and made the platform even more user-friendly.

Check out some of the changes from the last month below:

  • Cleaner design for data visualization in the library
  • Ability to animate maps to show values changing through time
  • Opioid overdose death data is available on our library, for 1999-2015, on the national, state, and county level.
  • PDFs can now be printed with text colors that more accurately reflect the web layout—and without URLs along the bottom. 

To explore the data library, sign in to LiveStories. Questions? Email us at