Increasing Visibility for Substance Abuse Programs in West Texas


Customer Case Study
Odessa, TX
Population 117,871 (2017)
Use Case: Community outreach 

I’ve been really impressed with the traffic we have gotten on the website just because of LiveStories.
— Kayla Fishbeck, Regional Evaluator, Permian Basin Region 9

Located in Odessa, Texas, the Region 9 Prevention Resource Center (PRC) is a program run by the Permian Basin Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Prior to using LiveStories, the PRC Region 9 struggled to effectively communicate prevention data to its community.

As regional evaluator for PRC Region 9, Kayla Fishbeck said this task was her responsibility. “My job is to get a good picture of what's going on in the community. We have 30 counties, so there is a lot to keep up with within schools and different demographics and populations.”

A key function of Fishbeck’s position is connecting with community members. “I work with a lot of stakeholders—basically all of the nonprofits and government programs as well. I research things for them.”

Before LiveStories, it took a significant amount of time for Fishbeck to sort and visualize this data. “I made separate documents and excel graphs for each county. It was very time consuming and tedious. It probably took a couple of months just to do that.”

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I thought LiveStories is exactly what we need. I can do county profiles on here and it would be so much easier.
— Kayla Fishbeck

“Part of the mission of PRC is to convey the data in a way that's understandable to everyone,” Fishbeck explained. She recalled her reaction to seeing LiveStories: “I thought LiveStories is exactly what we need. I can do county profiles on here and it would be so much easier.”

"You don't have to be a scientist to understand it."

“I was really impressed with how readable it was for any user. You don't have to be a scientist to understand it,” Fishbeck said. In addition to its approachable nature, “I was really impressed with the professionalism of it,” she said.

Fishbeck was especially attracted to the LiveStories charts and their features. She valued the ability to compare multiple locations of various sizes. “I wanted people to be able to compare counties and state level as well. I was really impressed with that.” Fishbeck was especially excited by the graph’s interactivity. “The winning factor was that you could interact with the graphs.”

It was really user friendly and easy to put all of the data onto LiveStories
— Kayla Fishbeck

Fishbeck recalled the onboarding process, "They showed me how to convert Excel graphs into LiveStories. Within a full month I had the whole website up."

Fishbeck described learning how to ingest the data that she had collected onto LiveStories. “It was really user friendly and easy to put all of the data onto LiveStories,” she said. “Now that I have LiveStories and all of it has been put onto that platform, it will speed up this process greatly.”

In a meeting last month, Fishbeck showed stakeholders the LiveStories microsite for the first time. “They were really impressed with it,” she said. “I know they are sharing that with others now.”

Fishbeck described the importance of an engaging data story. “People really like to hear that we have numbers and stories,” she said. “Having this accessible to everyone means getting the word out more about us, our work and the resources that we provide.”

More Awareness, More Time Saved

Fishbeck and her team have seen a significant increase in website traffic since launching the LiveStories data stories. “Our site visits in the last three months have gone up 130%.”

The data stories have saved time for Fishbeck and the team. “Now community members don't even ask me. They just go to the website. So I can focus on my work rather than being held back three days trying to get the data together.”

The data stories have also helped her focus on where she can have a bigger impact. “I'm getting more feedback from community members about the needs in the community.”

Fishbeck and her community value the data storytelling format of LiveStories. “It tells a true story of what's going on rather than just throwing numbers onto a webpage or writing lengthy paragraphs,” she said. By providing context, users are engaging more with the data. “LiveStories answers the users’ questions very easily.”