LiveStories Launches Immigration and Citizenship Interactive Data Hub

Seattle, Washington, September 27, 2019 - Today, LiveStories launched an interactive data hub for policymakers, citizens, and everyone in between to explore statistics on immigration for every state, county, and city in the United States.

The website explores characteristics of the foreign-born population, based on the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The site is unique because readers can drill down to any location. The site lets readers compare data about immigrants in their local communities to national benchmarks, for characteristics such as region of birth, period of entry, income, poverty, English fluency, and educational attainment. 

The site also includes a historical overview of immigration data, as well as an interactive data correlation tool that relates the presence of immigrants to various other social indicators—such as home value, poverty, and mortality rates from drugs and homicide—based on data across 3,000 counties. This analysis may surprise people who think immigration brings with it social maladies. In fact, LiveStories found no correlation between immigration and such factors as poverty and unemployment, and a modest negative correlation between immigration and deaths from drugs and homicides. 

To bring immigration to life, LiveStories gathered data on immigration from the latest American Community Survey releases. While detailed data is publicly available, it exists in hard-to-read spreadsheets. LiveStories organized the data into easy-to-understand topics for every location and synthesized percentage breakdowns of the foreign-born population. For a given topic, users can easily navigate to the specific location – state, county, city – and get detailed indicator values for that location. The whole experience is optimized for the non-technical user. The charts are designed to provide crucial context and comparisons for every locality’s data about the foreign-born.

About LiveStories

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