Publishing a Public Health Dashboard in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County


Customer Case Study
Cuyahoga County, OH
Population: 1,249,352 (2016 census)

Health Data Matters, an Ohio-based organization, has done great work to prove the statement in its own name. It works with individuals and organizations to make sense of public health data in Ohio’s Cleveland and Cuyahoga counties. Some health indicators for these counties’ residents, such as infant death rates, are among the poorest in the state. LiveStories partnered with Health Data Matters, and we are proud to help them make data accessible and raise awareness for health issues facing these counties.

Health Data Matters makes many of its data stories publicly available in a dashboard. Users can search and view not just stories about census tracts, but also the datasets behind the stories, and the charts built off those datasets.

With publicly-available data, charts, and stories, Health Data Matters works on every level of public health policy. It offers the raw data for researchers and analysts; charts for planning and grant-writing; and stories that help readers make sense of the data and point to other resources. Check out their work here:

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